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I've been reading the commonwealth series and wondered about the logistics of a global train service, or at least a train that goes around the world non stop.


I want to spend some time specking out the system but need some fodder.


The concept is speculative but could become a reality at some point down the line.


I'd like to know your opinion of just how realistic or unrealistic it sounds to you. Which route would make the most sense in terms of distance and passing through the most nations along it's circuit route.


Having a helium filled tube (to keep it pressurized) running around the world, and a mag lev train, kilometers long thundering through it daily (or several of them).


And compared to the LHC which some people would have thought a useless extravagance.. which would you prefer the worlds ntions to fund and operate (at least those that could have service (meaning a northern hemisphere preference for the line and a dip down to oceania and back up).

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