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[Q] Vertical line on TV

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Just recently I've noticed a vertical line moving slowly across my TV screen. Is this because it's a satellite program I'm watching? (I noticed it in the sixties with terrestrial television, presumably because the technology was poor back then but nowadays it's much better of course). Is it atmospherics because it's the summer?:confused:

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If it's a CRT TV (Cathode Ray Tube) it (TV or Signal) might be out of sync.


It needs to draw many lines of the picture per second at a certain rate. If the rate of the frames it's drawing and its native drawing rate are out of sync you'll see it as lines in the image (or the image moving vertically up or down the screen).


You should have a tuning control in the back on older models of TVs.


Otherwise at the moment I couldn't think of anything that would cause it on LCD or any other type of digital TV.


Again, if it's a digital TV and Signal, call your provider and explain the entire problem and your setup (which you can also do here so we hve a better, more detailed picture to work from).

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