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Vesica Piscis--real Sacred Geometry


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I ran across an interesting relation the other day that seems to relate the vesica piscis to human measure. Depending on which measure for the cubit you accept, the ratio of the short to long axis of the vesica piscis is one foot to one cubit.

For example, if you take a short axis of 1 foot as 12 inches, and multiply 12 * √3 = ~20.78, which is near the measure of the 'seven palm' cubit.

Besides varying measures for the cubit, the foot varied as well in the past. Here's some reading on the topic.








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By using various colorings of the Vesica Piscis Flower it is possible to draw the attention to particular geometric aspects. I invite you to make a copy of the un-colored Vesica Piscis Flower Master shown above and try your own hand at coloring it.

Here is a sample drawing attention to squares (regular quadrilaterals).

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Here's what happens when nature tries to color in Turtle's work. A turtle with indications of the Vesica Piscis....


Oooooo....if only you saw my inside view! :hihi: By your accord & leave Sir C1ay, another drawering (:)) Find here in the vesica piscis flower my construction of the Greek Cross, Crux Immissa Quadrata.


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