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I just seen a star disappear?


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I've always said in my 50 years I want to see a  well known star explode or vanish before my eyes. Melb  australia clear night 11.45pm west? 

Then a sudden idea to get fresh air I look up look for bright stars  there was two then there was one. No idea where the second has gone lite upso instinctly knew to stare and wait.Kinda like so it happened now major anticlimax  what  next...   went to Google found this .

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The disappearing star you observed could be a result of it being a variable star or due to an occultation by a passing satellite. Variable stars can change in brightness, while occultations occur when an object blocks the star's light momentarily. While rare, these phenomena can occur in the night sky. If you have more observations or information, consulting with local astronomy groups may provide further insights.


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