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Punishment. Punishment. Reward. The blunt, incessant drumbeat of our labor; Dissonance… consonance… accord, And mindless chemistry becomes behavior.

At a signal, the pulsing lasers slash at the matrix of Gaia Guitar strings garotte the flailing chakras of Chaos Machine fun tracers punctuate mandalas and samadhi Drums go silent, the spirit of peace

I climbed a tree once. A friend picked me out of my wheelchair, And placed me on a limb six feet up. I could see past forever and I cried.

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A Quatrain of Self-Aware Quatrains

Nelson Thompson


This quatrain would like to express its appreciation for

The second line points out that there isn't enough room in a

Third line; pointless; this is the wrong format in which

The fourth line apologizes for the futility of even trying to


Why does this second quatrain even care if its core message

Is read and appreciated by curious and discerning readers?

Could it be that these last two lines must carry the burden

Of explaining ... alas, but they have predictably run out of


This, the first line of the third quatrain, has the idea

That if it and the second line explain the message very rapidly

The third line wishes to inform the first two lines that they

Unfortunately, the fourth line must sadly point out that


This quatrain wishes to complain vehemently about the

Stupid choice of the quatrain form in which to elucidate

The third line will now attempt to complete that thought by

Even if this, the fourth line, attempts to assist, failure will be

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