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Punishment. Punishment. Reward. The blunt, incessant drumbeat of our labor; Dissonance… consonance… accord, And mindless chemistry becomes behavior.

At a signal, the pulsing lasers slash at the matrix of Gaia Guitar strings garotte the flailing chakras of Chaos Machine fun tracers punctuate mandalas and samadhi Drums go silent, the spirit of peace

I climbed a tree once. A friend picked me out of my wheelchair, And placed me on a limb six feet up. I could see past forever and I cried.

A [math]Quatrain_0^2[/math]


It's prime factor is two,

It's exponent is one and the same.

perfectly divisible in half,

perfectly multiple in pairs.


A symmetric construct of symbol and thought,

modeling a relationship of number and word,

existing in four dimensions,

consisting of lines.


the name suggesting a train of four,

stringing variations of four together for more.

tesseracts of expression,

A binomial found in a pyramid.


a perfect square summed or otherwise,

it makes no difference.

I wonder if it's of relation to quaternions,

a delightful muse: a two dimensional sphere.

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