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___Here is my thought for this thread. I think long poetry is at odds with this venue, but quatrains may suit it well enough. Kind've a step up from the 'Take a Moment', but not lengthy either. Posters may post their own quatrain, comment on those of others, or simply lounge languidly in front of the screen.

___Without further ado, a quatrain I composed years ago while driving on a bridge over the mighty Columbia River in mid-Winter.


A quatrain to say,

what happened today.

It broke out in yellow,

in the Land of Gray.


:hyper: :cup: :cup: :cup:

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I always have the same old thoughts

to bend, controll, or keep at bay

it's sad but love seems to think the same

you are bent, controlled, or pushed away


I met a yellow man today

I Don't quite remember

His face, his clothes

What did he say?


Love cannot die,

It must always be killed,

some people like that murder,

for it gives a little thrill.


From my exprience

I'll share a little fact;

the biggest gains in life

come from standing back to back

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