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Belovelife's unification Theory

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in this video, the star is emmiting matter at an extreme rate,

this could be similar to a volcanic explotion, eccept on the mixed with a cme,


if through the impetali process and atomic decay, the innner pressure of the star, was more than the outer shell's strength

then a volcanic erruption would occur,


at a point in the star's life where the viscosity of the multiple layers of the star define a sudden burst in the shell

this interesting happening has potential to occur


( i wonder if this also happens and i gives vector velocity to the star, where the massive release changes the path of the star )

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Considering we are not sure of the true nature of dark matter, I will agree with you. Considering my theory goes against mainstream science, I understand a well stated argument against my theory. Co

Black Hole Outflows From Centaurus A Detected With APEX

well i have my theory based on the celestial event called a pulsar and it mushroom shape,   where the "cap of the mushroom " is expanded space   and the "stem of the mushroom " is contracted space  





interesting view of this galaxy, i wonder what video of this along with the x-ray data would reviel


and therefore, where does the magnetism come from, the SM phisics of star processes doesn't work to define this


where higher tier elements potential do


magnetic fields on the order of billions of miles

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