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How are sciences, mysticism, spirituality interconnected?

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How are sciences, mysticism, spirituality interconnected?


The order of discovery sort of goes in the direction of spirituality, mystical and then science. For example, when looking into the vastness of space for the first time, people are at awe. From that natural/spiritual awe comes speculation that is part science and part imagination. Science then tries to clarify the mystical and make it more scientific.


The other day I was watching a program about the two Mars rovers. They were designed to last 90 days, but have continued to work for 4 years. There is a certain spiritual and mystical awe in this.


When I was watching the program, one of the two rovers landed with its balloons, bounced, rolled and fell into a small crater, like a hole in one. It was a small crater slightly bigger than itself; chip shot. This little crater also gave them a huge surprise which was evidence of water. This was based on minerals that could only form within water. What are the odds for both things. It gives a sense of wonder that fuels the mystical connection of what may be still in store.


After gathering data there, they sent the rover to another bigger crater. It took two months to crawl there.. This bigger crater was originally where science thought there were going to have signs of water, based on the best science. But that science was a little too mystical, since it turned out to be nothing but volcanic. The experts believed a science mirage, until it was converted to science with a dose of reality. This is why one should feel free to speculate, when things get even farther away than Mars, which should be easy compared to light years. There is nothing wrong with that, since this is the process of discovery.


I didn't see the entire program, but they sent the little rover to another crater. I left when they were trying to decide if the little rover, who had already exceeded expectations, could climb down and climb back out of this huge and steep crater. I am not sure how it ended. The control crew's daily look into the unknown, is all part of their discovery process, with each turn of the page bringing new hope, joy, frustration. Within these emotions the first two affects appear and slowly solidify into science with less and less mysticism.

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How are sciences, mysticism, spirituality interconnected?
Any answer to this question depends, as do most philosophical questions, on which of the many common or less common meanings one ascribes to its words.


“Science” can mean anything from its etymological “knowing” to one of any collection of disciplines that follow the overarching approach of observe-explain-predict-test-repeat to more narrow collections of disciplines that exemplify this approach, AKA the scientific method. “Mysticism” can mean anything from a class of religions to a collection of meditative disciplines to a collection of schools of philosophy to specific usages such as New Mysterianism, a school of philosophy associated with technical question in physics, neuropsychology, computer science, and related disciplines. “Spirituality” can mean anything from the literal, credulous belief in ghosts and demons to meanings overlapping those of mysticism.


With so many meanings from which to chose, it’s possible to chose meanings in which science, mysticism, and spirituality are strongly connected, or chose ones in which their mutually exclusive. With its focus on defining and testing objectively verifiable data, science can be considered antithical to mysticism, and to have strongly disproved many naive claims of spirituality. On the other hand, the scientific investigation of the phenomena of human thought and behavior can concern itself with the causes and consequences of mysticism and spirituality. One form of mysticism may postulate the existence of spirits, while another postulate their impossibility. The scientific method can form the tenets of a system of spirituality. Some interpretations of rigorous scientific formalisms, particularly of quantum physics, require that various classes of information are unknowable, so can be considered to support various mystical philosophies.


The possible interpretation and answers of the question are myriad.


As they’re most commonly used, however, I agree with previous posts asserting that science is little connected with mysticism and spirituality. What connection does exist consists for the most part of scientific methods having tested and disproved various hypothesis concerning the existence of physically real spirit entities, such as pneuma and ectoplasm. On the other hand (there’s almost always another hand with questions of this sort :googleit:), scientific approaches in such discipline as therapeutic psychology and neuropsychology suggest that, as belovedlife mentions the Dali Lama promoting, humans need mystical and spiritual beliefs to be physically and mentally healthy.

I'd say Socrates is the only link between all 3.
Please, do elaborate!
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Thanks guys for helping me out........even i tried to find out more about it. I even found one book dedicated on this subject but as the book is a bit costly I read just few free online pages of the book and got to known more about Occult Science. Even you can read the free pages online here : snakeandtherope.com


From a quick glance, that appears to be a spiritual pseudoscience page. I would be wary of any information taken from there.


I'm also surprised no one has mentioned the work of Carl Sagan in here yet. If you want to explore the relationship between mysticism, psychic powers, revelations, spirituality and science, I would highly, highly recommend The Demon Haunted World.


Amazon.com: The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark: Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan: Books http://www.amazon.com/Demon-Haunted-World-Science-Candle-Dark/dp/0345409469


"Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality."

- Carl Sagan

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From a quick glance, that appears to be a spiritual pseudoscience page. I would be wary of any information taken from there.
I agree.


Descriptions like these from the site’s “about the book” page are pretty clear signs that the book is pseudoscientific, and worth reading only as an example and study of the psychology of pseudoscience:

Biology and Evolution
– See for yourself hard science evidence that we humans existed alongside and much before the dinosaurs. Why is Darwinism disintegrating?


Occult Powers
– How do we attain them?

Paranormal Confirmation
– Why do scientists get so enraged when paranormal evidence is proven to them?

The relationship of science with mysticism and other esoterica is, I think, a legitimate and interesting field of inquiry, but a writer who comes from the position suggested by the above is likely not, I think, able or willing to engage in such inquiry.

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Please explain.


science general trend and direction in search for one single theory that will explain everything, effort to unify quantum and classical mechanics, effort to unify the 4 fundamental forces and all the "unified" field theories proposed is very revealing as to its mindset.


in metaphysics, the idea of monad as a single substance where all physical properties are derived was ancient, and recurs persistently in various forms. aether is one such variant. it is being revived to accommodate quantum physics into it.


in mystical and spiritual traditions of various religions such as the sufis of the islam, kabbalah of judaism, advaita of hinduism, christian mysticism and nondual traditions of buddhism says the same thing within the context of their cultures . all is one.

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