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When the dollar goes down in value, do stocks in American corporations go up?

charles brough

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I'll tell you what the fella that manages our 401k's at work told me.

If you can spare the cash now is the time to buy buy buy!

Stocks are down buy now...and when things rebound reap the rewards.


As for foreign or american my highly diversified international portfolio took a hit across the board. So I really don't know there.

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In other words, if one expects a lot of inflation to follow this economic pump priming frenzy now underway, then would we be better off buying stock in American corporations or foreign ones now that prices are low again? Or, since dividends are priced in dollars, does it make any difference?


If you expect a lot of inflation then invest in things like mines. Gold mines, to be specific. Think about it, if you are sitting on a gold mine, what could be better in times like these?

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