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Mad Scientist in Indiana

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I'm Dale and about 20 some years ago was voted most likely to become a mad scientist... I'm now finally trying to live up to those great expectations :singer:


I found Hypography while looking for design tips using a charcoal retort fired by a rocket stove. My intent is to use fast growing biomass to make biochar/Terra Preta de Indio using a simple and efficient heat engine.


I'm not particularly looking to learn big-picture subjects, mostly the great and small ideas that tinkerers find useful.


Hope I can add to the knowledge here.

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Welcome to Hypography, the only place you know where the maddness of a scientist only contributes to their overall coolness and is inversely proportional to their popularity factors. The maddest scientists have proven to have scientific kinks that sometimes don't live well with our population, and even though we enjoy the large contribution put forth by those people we sometimes have to part with their way to communicate... Welcome, and i hope you won't be one of our infamous science whiz bannedetts (yes, made up words, people who were banned)

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