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why do you think i have a doctorate in industrial process control get your calculator we will work through this this calculation is for an engine that displaces twice its capacity per revolution and h

dc current will electrolize water ac wont you will also need a large variable resistor and a heap of hight wattage globes to adjust the dc current through the fuel cel to ground

Just a little bit more on my rant:)   the average sedan or voupe has a base hp of anywhere between 110-130 hp and unless you peg your tach often you'll only use the peak hp 1% of the time so as far a

1 amp for 1 hour will produce 6 litres of gas

it is about a 3%load on the alternator


As far as we've established (1, 2, 3) what you say here is in complete error. 1 amp will make less than a liter (of both H and O).


Can you show a source or method explaining otherwise.


the gas is recycleable and the koad on the altenator changes so the fuel required is not a constant variable. and it is miniscule


Can you please prove or source or somehow otherwise explain this mangled mess of words.



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I find it really funny and particulary odd that anyone would question the flammiblity or combustablity of hydrogen or browns gas!


The mere thought of removing or even supplementing regular gasoline from an automobile is not only possible but is being used. The only problem with doing this is it would undoubtable crash the worlds economy mostly the U.S becasue of the absoloute depenency on oil and oil by-products. But most people cannot get past the first part. Can automoblies run on propane? Yes, proven. short example is you average forklift. Can that same engine be converted to run on other fuels? Yes again. most of your average forklifts have a valve that allows them to run on gas or diesel. School and public transit have used busses that run on multifuels. ie. propane, diesel and biodiesel. I've seen video clips of an Japanese Co. that made a car the runs on water any type with zero emissions imagine that and then imagine all the people that would go out of work or business if they didnt need gasoline or diesel or home burning oil. Great Idea! It'll never succeed:(

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Just a little bit more on my rant:)


the average sedan or voupe has a base hp of anywhere between 110-130 hp and unless you peg your tach often you'll only use the peak hp 1% of the time so as far as the complaint of using more energy than your gaining or your robbing hp or power from your engine in the development of browns gas you'd be correct on paper only for the people out there that are truly making an attempt to live cleaner lives conserve the planets resourses ect ect furthering the engineering of a browns gas engine or supplementing your vehicles normal fuel source is a great way of moving forward. Even tho im still a pessimist on anything real coming out of it! I just cant trust or goverments:) and yes I know I can't spell worth a dern!

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36hitman, there is no doubt Browns gas will burn, it explodes quite easily. :) The problem is that it takes more energy to make browns gas than you get back from burning it. :shrug: Running your car on browns gas your cars generator makes is the same thing as perpetual motion. :)
Exactly; while brown's gas is more than happy to turn back into water, water isin't happy to turn into brown's gas.


360Hitman, The energy you'll have to put into making brown's gas will ideally be equal to the energy you get from making it. In real life, that energy will be higher.


If you run your car with a brown's gas generator, your car's mileage will go down, because the generator will create inductive resistance to the car's motion.


Now this drop in mileage will partially be compensated in the brown's gas' energy, but only partially.

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Its the Dr Again i have a site dedicated to my scientific input into the world its http://www.hhoigo.com/

The fact is engines can run on strait HHO just sit down and work it out 10 amps for 1 minute will make 1 litre of HHO

HHO has an expansion ratio of 1729/1 when detonated with air

The fuel reaction for one of my engines on the hhoigo site is 4 lires of gas x 102.2 calorie bond of fuel x 85% being the eficency of the system = 34,748Kw

now thats what you get from 40 amps which will run one of my own designed one litre engines at 3000 rpm.

about the amount of energy required to make the fuel a cracker at a refiney burns more oil than it makes petrol.

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Modest, without looking over anything, the only reason I can see to change DC to a non-DC format is to run it through a transformer in order to change the voltage (usually up as down is simple with 2 resistors)

Dc is the only efficent form of electroliysis

Energy input in Watthours = used (Volts x amps) x used time in seconds / 3600 seconds =

used Watts x used time in seconds / 3600 seconds


So let your HHO gas generator produce 1 Liter of HHO gas= 1000 milliLiters HHO gas and measure the time

in seconds it needs to produce this amount of gas.


Then note the DC Voltage and DC amps down and multiply it to get the Watts.

( e.g. 12 Volts and 10 amps )

Then multiply with the seconds it needed to produce 1 Liter and divide this by 3600.

Then you have the Watthours of energy it needed to produce 1 Liter of HHO gas.


Now if you get less than 2.15 Watthours you have overunity.

If you have more than 2.15 Watthours you have less than 100 % efficiency and are underunity.



So the above example would be, if it takes 60 seconds to fill

up the 1 Liter bottle of HHO gas with 12 Volts at 10 amps :


12 Volts x 10 amps x 60 seconds / 3600 = 2 Watthours per Liter

and you would be overunity, cause it is less than 2.15 Watthours

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