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Parkinson’s Disease

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Is Eating Whale Meat Linked To Parkinson's Disease?

On the 5 August 2008 KNR news reported that 'Pilot whale meat inceases risk of Parkinson’s disease'


The report went on to say that 'Pilot whale [meat] is suspected as a reason why Faroese have twice as much risk of getting Parkinson’s than Danes


Until now researchers have been unable to explain the higher occurrence of this serious disease in the Faroese.


“ But results indicate that diet could play a role in the higher occurrence of Parkinson’s syndrom” explains Pal Weihe who is head of Arbejdsmedicin and Folkesunhedmedicin section in the Faroese hospital.

In addition he further explained that an increased intake of whale meat and blubber in adults is clearly linked with an increased occurrence of Parkinson’s disease.


The new research which was undertaken by the Environmental Medicine section of Syddansk University shows that environmental toxins such as methyl mercury and PCB make eating pilot whale meat risky.



WDCS International - News

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