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On Friday, 11 February it was exactly three years since the Hypography Science Forums were launched. We will celebrate this event by organizing a live chat on Sunday, 13 February, for all registered members.

Hypography.com was officially launched on May 17, 2000. Yet it took almost two years before the forums were launched on 11 February, 2002. Slowly, things picked up speed, and today we have become an active community with lots of science buffs from many parts of the world. Some of us have become quite addicted to this place - but we rarely get to talk directly with each other.


All members are therefore invited to join in on a world-wide chat. It will take place here at Hypography in a new chat module which will be used for this kind of events in the future.


To participate, visit Hypography on Sunday, 13 February between 8pm-10pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). The times around the world can be found here:



If you can, post the correct time for your own timezone in this thread to help others out. Also, please let us know if you plan to attend!


The chat will last for a maximum of two hours.


I hope you will check in during the chat and participate, or at least say "Hello!".


Important: You need the latest Flash plugin to participate - if you don't have Flash Player 7 please go here to download it. We have tested this on both PC and Mac OSX, but have not had a chance to test it on Linux yet. You need no other software.


Please make sure you have your forum username and password ready because you will need it to log into the chat module, even if you are logged into the forums.



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