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Pedophilia In America


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I don't really understand the reason for it. No, that's not entirely true either. I can see a reason for it. I just don't think it's practical.


Just trying to be fair. If I had a similar defect it is would I would wish for.


As for gay penguins... the article does not indicate whether or not these penguins were gay due to nature or not. I really don't think there is any way to determine that from this article. All it says is that a group of females were brought in, but the males remained faithful to their mates. We don't know if these males ever had any other contact with female penguins or not. Who's to say that they didn't like the new girls because they smelled funny?


I was only suggesting that they likely did not make an informed or intelligent choice to be attracted to each other. I suppose it is possible though :o Maybe the girls just need to show a little more leg. :D

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Almost all offenders of any crime are normal people who make bad decisions.



regardless of them being normal people making bad decisions they must be made examples of so that everyone may know the consequences. society is not innate and the rules are not all obvious, we all must be taught right and wrong and have these refreshers now and then to make sure society runs as smoothly and possible (with a necessary amount of corruption to allow for these examples to come to light).


People like Charles Manson are normal?


there are of course the exeptions.. and why the point was made that most offenders [i'd like to see the numbers for that [and a definition for a normal level of corruption each individual is allowed to remain guiltless for his or her countless crimes]] are normal people [i guess those that only commit petty guiltless crimes and know the unspoken limit allowed in society]... criminals are then only the people who get caught or are in the wrong place at the wrong time.


i honestly admire society at large since violent crime is on the decline. maybe people are learning where the line is after all.. also that 'normal' people can juggle so deftly all the crimes and indiscretions they commit daily and not get thrown in prison.


even the best of us in the eyes of god have commited crimes that we'd rather not have to justify in open court.

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Here's an interesting article that may help to support my vision. It seems a German zoo is having trouble getting 6 male penguins to mate with some females that were brought in. It seems these particular penguins are gay. I would guess that it is a result of nature and not choice that has caused this. What do you think?


There are other instances of animals being homosexual, or at least bisexual in the natural world. The male bottle nose dolphin routinely has homosexual sex, gang rape the females, and have actually attempted to rape scuba divers.

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ROFL.. he was just playin....


given that females in heat generally are accosted by many males at the same time in a wide range of animal species, why do dolphins get a bad rap?? are we sure the female wasn't receptive at the time?


i mean obviously humans can rape each other but i thought dolphins only copulated when the female was in heat.. the image of the saintly dolphin tarnished forever.. don't tell the children...

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People like Charles Manson are normal?

I said almost all people, and you chose an extreme, do you see the fallacy?


The male bottle nose dolphin routinely has homosexual sex, gang rape the females, and have actually attempted to rape scuba divers.

This sounds interesting - do you know anywhere I can read up on this?

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I can look for some sources, mine was from a lecture (my professor was head of the Int'l Citation Commitee, and took all the dead ones along the Gulf coast to A&M for necropsy). I am sure they are out there though...


Homosexual Dolphin:




Diver fun: (a Norwegian at that.....)








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This was a link from another story that I just posted... Check it out as it relates to what we've been discussing. It's about the whole "female teacher having sex with teenaged boys" thing. Interesting, yet slightly disturbing, stuff here...




Disturbing my butt. I would have given anything for a woman like that to come onto me when I was 13 ... hell, I'd give anything for her to come onto me now!


Do me a favor. If her husband drops her for this, tell her to give me a ring!

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After reading through all the posts, a thought occurred to me: Aside from pedophilia and (possibly) rape, are there any other antisocial urges (even when successfully resisted) that will practically guarantee someone will be monitored for life, thoroughly investigated or even jailed if they decide to seek therapy? I'm not even sure that convicted rapists get as bad a rap as a *suspected* child molester. I admit that I feel an almost visceral hate for people of any age who abuse children in any form (physical, mental, sexual, etc.), but is this a necessary and unavoidable consequence if there is disclosure before a crime happens?


For purposes of definition, when I refer to "pedophiles" I mean those who are strongly attracted to others who are significantly younger than they are, typically minors or even pre-teens. A "molester" or "child rapist" is someone who acts on these desires.


If someone has violent urges to hurt others, such as battery or murder, but comes forward for treatment before acting on them, then they are often seen as tragic, even courageous, figures and treated as such. Sure, people will talk about them behind their backs and perhaps be wary of them for a while, but the admission gives them a redeeming quality and those around them genuinely want to see them improve.


Substance abuse is the most lenient example of this type of viewpoint; even if someone has been on drugs for years, they will get positive encouragement and support from former addicts (and usually family/friends) when they seek help.


I acknowledge in advance that when destructive urges are self-directed, like suicide or substance abuse, less stigma is typically attached to the person. When dark thoughts become outwardly focused, however, it is often just a matter of time before Motive finds a Method and Opportunity presents itself.


I remember several people mentioned CHOICES at some length. Choices are seen as morally good or bad by the lens of society but "good" choices made today may or may not prevent future bad behavior or protect against a slow internal decay of willpower. A "good" choice in the case of pedophilia would be to flee from situations where a person could act out. Alcoholics don't typically hang out in bars, and pedophiliacs would likewise be wise to avoid primary/secondary schools as a place to work. But without treatment, such desires could lead an untreated pedophilliac feel deprived/oppressed/resentful and lead to an even greater urge to offend.


In the United States once someone has served their time for most crimes they are released on parole. But convicted molesters in Washington state are held until they are no longer seen as a threat to the community even once their sentence is finished. Once they ARE released, special notices go out to the neighborhoods where they live for the rest of their lives. In light of this, what alternatives are available for pedophiliacs who genuinely wish not to act out, other than to keep entirely to themselves or feel they face figurative crucifixion upon disclosure?

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