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Does the rest of the world matter?

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It seems that most industrialized countries are doing research that only will concern them. What is the role of medical science in terms of the whole world? Does it have a duty to look at the globe as a whole, or does it just concentrate on the needs of those in its society?


A good example is Chagas disease. A reasonably common disease in Latin America. It is estimated that 25% of the population is at risk (Arpox. 120 million people). Of those that contract the disease 25-30% die from it. That is a possible mortatlity of 30 million people. Yet in the US, the disease almost unheard of. There are a few cases each year in the boarder states, but very little is said about these. Currently there is no know cure, the only medications only are helpful in reducing the symptoms durring early onset. Should the US medical industry be responsible enough to investigate this disease even though there is no money in it for them?

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