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Graphics Editor, Before and After?

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So today i'd like to open up another post, this one will contain things that you do, in you spare time, in your graphics editor. Now, i have worked with a few, Photoshop, Gimp, Pixel, Corel, etc, so i have an idea of what i like to do in it, but what do you do with it? :idea:


If you do photo manipulation, post some before and afters. If you generate stuff, I'd like to see that. If you have questions on how something was done, or would like to challenge someone by changing it in ways you see are best, please, ask, post, post, and ask :)


here's a start


Took a picture with my phone, and here's what i had before:




Some Gimp work later





needs to be cropped, but i don't really care for the point is made anyways :)

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It needs more work, as i said, i only had a little time, and there is lots of work that needs doing, i'll post progress as i go along btw.


Major step was to get as much noise out of the image, and soften the shadows, which, you'd have to admit, came out rather interestingly, next step is skin tones... And also, this is gimp, it's no photoshop, for image editing....


Ooops, i did the blending wrong on exporting that image, this is the after i wanted to post, here:

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Good thread idea Alexander,


I actually put myself through college doing logo creation, desktop publishing, and designing for a screen printing company.


It was all using on a PC - Corel mostly. I used Illustrator when a customer's file was so formatted. Of course, Photoshop was a must.


I'll try and find some better examples - something with more photo manipulation and before / after shown.





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