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How were Galaxies created, and why are the expanding?The answer is in E=MC2, which proves that energy is mass to a minute scale. By looking at how planetary rock, solar clumps of gas, and black holes all orbit one thing or another, it's safe to say there was no gas in the Big Bang, but simple energy, this big bang was so massive that energy slowed down and collided with the still fast moving energy behind it. Lets put that down to english, say a car was driving on a street, and there was another car behind it moving twice as fast, it will eventually collide with it. This caused the energy to clumb together, become heavier, until it became solar gas, and eventually black holes!


Now how did stars form from Black Holes, first we have to edit the theory that Black Holes lose atoms, now I know I'm pushing my weight in claims that are too big for my britches, but please, bare with me. Blacks Holes might not lose atoms, but crush their shells and emit the energy from within. Now Black Holes are strong gravitational forces, and nothing escapes, but energy might could escape because it's mass is so minute.


This would mean that overtrillions of years, enough mass would escape in the form of energy to reform solar gasses, so in a time span of over quadrillions of years stellar nurseries and stars and even planets would begin to form. But theres only one problem, and though it might be only one, it could disprove this entire theory, and destroy what I have, After Edwin Hubble discovered that galactic distances were generally proportional to their redshifts in 1929, this observation was taken to indicate that the universe is expanding, and according to their theory the universe has only been expanding for 15 billion years, which would mean that if my theory was correct, than the Black Holes would have been much further apart from each other than ever imagined, becuase they would have been expanding for quadrillions of years. Unless it wasn't the explosion that made the galaxies expand, but the expansion of Space Time itself. What could cause Space Time to expand to such a degree?


It must be that there is a Blackhole-like object out there so heavy, so compressed, that it's causing the Space Time under our galaxy's feet to expand to this object's mass or epicenter as it falls through space time, moving the Galaxies further apart.


This would mean that the explosion of the big bang shot out it's crust of energy, which created every Galaxy we know, and then the center of the explosion had so much energy that it collapsed into this massive Blackhole-like object which is causing the space time under our feet to expand to the object's mass, moving the Galaxies further apart.


Now I've used, "expands to this object's mass or epicenter as it falls through space time, moving the " twice, and I bet your wondering WTF it means.


The fabric of the Universe is Space time, and Space Time is like a sheet of cloth, and mass is like an object, such as a bowling ball, and when you drop the bowling ball on the cloth, the cloth "expands to this object's mass or epicenter as it falls through."


So lets look at what we know, the big bang shot out a layer of energy which collided with itself and formed black holes, which formed stars, which foermed planets, but behind this layer of energy there was more energy, that's propulsion wasn't equal to it's mass, causing it to collapse into a massive black hole, this massive black hole pulled our galaxies into itself, and some galaxies stay still to this day while others are being pulled away from our own.


Now there are probably 3 questions some people might ask;


1. What caused the Big Bang?


2. Why believe this theory?


3. Who does this guy think he is?


The answer to the first question is unknown, there is no evidence pointing to ANYTHING! Except maybe that God pulled Space Time causing it to snap back like a rubber bang, to create the explosion, but thats unlikely.


The answer to the second question is 3 reasons; One,it explains the big bang. Two, it solves the pussle, Dark Matter and Dark Energy don't need to exist in my theory. Three, it aids the String Theory, Space Time is a constant.


The answer to the third one is simple, I'm Gardamorg!!!!!!!!!


The third question and the third answer were for fun.

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