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I'm wondering about the road taxes that are paid through the purchase of gasoline. If you have an electric car you charge from the grid how will they get their taxes? Don't think for a moment they are going to let you slide on taxes because you drive an electric car! If you drive 15,000 miles a year in NC you could pay as much as 670 dollars a year just in Gas taxes! Yes they will get that money some way.

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I ran across this interesting idea today here, where the following was shared:



Make Ethanol in Your Own Backyard

A Silicon Valley start-up called E-Fuel is showing exactly how ethanol can live up to its name as "the people´s fuel." The company recently announced that it will soon start selling a home ethanol system, the E-Fuel 100 MicoFueler, which will allow anyone to make ethanol from sugar, water, yeast, and electricity in their own backyard.
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