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Corollary to cylinder problem

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Take a cork cylinder of unit radius and a height of 2 units. Mark a diameter NS. on the top surface. Mark a diameter WE on the bottom surface at rightangles to the marked diameter on the top surface. Placing a knife along the NS diameter pass the knife at an angle through the cork to exit at E (end of the diameter on the bottom surface. Repeat the action allowing the knife to exit at W. Each of the two sliced-off chips have the same form as the water in the cylinder problem. The volume of each is 4/3 cu.units and has the same relationship to the volume of the cork (0.2122..) as the water to the volume of the cylindrical vessel.


The cute thing about the cork "stump" is that its different cross-sections are a circle, a square and a triangle, three shapes in one form, so to say. Reminds me of the Trinity.:hihi:

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