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Barter System within an economy


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Ok, here's one that's open for thoughts. . . before your economic buffs start tearing me to shreds, hear me out and try to see my point.


Given the complexity of the economy in the United States and around the world, would it be helpful for communities to fund a barter system that its members could utilize? I'm looking at it from the perspective of the talented citizen who doesn't have access to enough cash flow to get his/her goals achieved. It may allow some relief to those who are stuck in low income or poverty situations.


For instance: Let's say a some people got together in a town and organized a meeting place (most likely a forum or website like the one here, but possibly an actual physical location) where people could post their skills and/or needs. So let's say "John" has welding equipment and knows how to weld, and "Kathy" is an excellent artist. John trades his welding skills to fix Kathy's whatever, and Kathy paints a mural in John's daughter's room. No money involved, just good faith and talents. Kathy is happy because she couldn't weld in the first place, so it was a big weight off her shoulders. John is happy because he was able to give his daughter a luxury he prob wouldn't have been able to pay for in the first place.


The example might not be an ideal one, but you get the point. I'm sure someone here can list many dozens of reasons this won't work-- and I open them with open arms. I'm by no means saying do away with currency. . . however, a third option always inspires hope. It may be the perfect crutch for someone who has a dream to pursue something, but doesn't have the money it takes to make it happen. It's just an idea I've been kicking around lately.

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I think it is a wonderful idea within communities.

Heck, our neighborhood already does this in some ways.

I don't believe a barter system would work as the only economic system. However, in conjunction with a money based system I think it is a great addition. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.

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Hi Iatesotk,


Sorry to dissapoint you, there are already many barter trade exchanges around like Bartercard. BARTERCARD :: Worlds Largest Trade Exchange - country page bci


They had a US franchise but it isn't listed anymore.


Not dissapointing at all! This is very interesting. . . I'm glad you shared.


If I might ask, why was the US franchise closed? Do you know the back story on that?

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