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So, here I am preparing to create 2-5 Potato guns, of different proportions.

And while making rudimentary plans for this operation, my mother asked the following. "What on earth can a potato gun do thats constructive...?" *Note: in a mainly sarcastic manner*

But I thought about it, and I could only come up with one or two constructive things to do with it in the brief moment I had to ponder.

So I would like to hear what anyone else can come up with for things it may be used for!

~Fire Away!~


1- Grappleing Hook ;)

2- Fire Work Cannon

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You'll put your eye out! :)


1. Hang a good size canvas in front of a solid wall.


2. Paint your potatos a variety of complementary colors.


3. While they're still wet with paint, fire them at the canvas.


4. Sell your "Potato Gun" art.


Not bad. :idea:


I've got one.


The easiest way to make mashed potatoes


Not bad. :idea:

:D Two down, 99 to go.:eek:


:idea: Make your colorant food-coloring, and make art, then eat the mashings at a festive dinner. Travel to peoples' homes to offer the whole package as a catered affair. Careful not to put out your eye. :eek: :)

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1: terlet plunger (that'll clear yer pipes!!!)


2; Drywall removal


3;hamster space program (no real hammies though:naughty:)


4.tickin off yer neighbors (and local law enforcement their illegal in Pa.)


5. stage pyro's


6. confetti or streamer launcher (use model rocket parachute tissue for wadding)


7. fish call


8. automotive dismantling


9. getting more entertainment from old tv's


10. tennisball server (Fido ain't catching that one!)


11. chuck/crow scarer


12. beer opener


13. apple corer


14. pool drainer



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Aha, the potato gun was a major success after some experience with it's technicalities, and fixing the 3' to 1 1/2' connector... Rewiring the spark plug...A lot of duck tape... Apoxy... Screws...:doh:

As of right now, with the right mixture of gas and air, it blows my mind that with 2 seconds of Axe body spray, it can luanch the potato well over 100 yards.

I will attempt to get footage in the near future, while staying as far below the level of publicly illegal-ness that I can. *It is illegal*...:weather_rain:

But with cuation it is no more dangerous than a fly swatter.

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Aquan-net and other assorted hair sprays pack a better punch (read the labels the higher the alcahol content the better...Also note some of these products use propane as the propellent these are even better!)


Ether starting fluid for engines also works exceptionally well and is my personal fave.



Spark plugs? When I built mine I used a grill sparker wired to two machine screws, one on either side of the barrel secured inside with lock nuts and washers leaving an aproximatly .33" gap between the ends of the screws for the spark to jump. (this method also allowed a means of further securing the breech cap instead of just relying on the PVC adhesive to hold it in place. I always worry that the breech will blow off causing injury so a little extra insurance is always good.)

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Freezy, do you remember what number we're on?


  1. Grappleing Hook
  2. Fire Work Cannon
  3. Potato art
  4. Mashed potatoes
  5. Gopher trap
  6. Anchor driver
  7. Shoot tennis balls to audience
  8. Terlet plunger
  9. Drywall removal
  10. Hamster space program
  11. Tickin off yer neighbors
  12. Stage pyros
  13. Confetti launcher
  14. Fish call?
  15. Automotive dismantling
  16. More entertainment from old tvs
  17. Chuck/crow scarer
  18. Beer opener
  19. Apple corer
  20. Pool drainer
  21. Non-lethal home security
  22. Target practice
  23. Screaming cat removal
  24. Intercontinental ballistic doorstop
  25. Airport bird scarer

Does it matter? :phones:


Probably not, but it's fun nonetheless. :lol:

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