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So, from what i get out of it, Terragen is used as a program to create screenshots of realistic landscape (Main Goal). There are also side programs that may be downloaded and used to create animations, of which i am so far not exactly successful... but i do know the process of how to do so. So terragen can be used to create desktop picture, time lapses (The neatest part in my opinion), animations involving inserted pictures (Such as one i viewed with a plane flying through a cloud scene generated by Terragen), and only much more i would assume.


Also, terragen V.2 is coming out *soon*?

While there is no release date, there is as far as i know still a free trial verison, but the full version costs around 300$

Ive compared the two images that may be created with both programs, and while Terragen two is far more confusing (Mainly becuase of how many more options there are) the resulting picture has a highly noticable difference.


So, I will post a few successful Renders that i have had recently.


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Here are my recent ones, but please keep in mind for anyone interested, that i am still highly unskilled at this program and what I have created is far below the limit of the program. (Also, if interested, there are a large quantity of guides that can be found with instructions on how to do just about anything)








EDIT: One more, produced by sheer bordem, and lack of an attention span.

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