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umang jain

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i'm doing a project on split personality and i'm unable to find case studies.
The term “split personality” appears mostly in poorly-researched fiction (eg: the 1964 film “Marnie”). It’s not used by psychiatrists and psychologists. So you’re research troubles are likely due to searching for scientific literature using that term.


Try the term Dissociative Identity Disorder. This is a real, rare disorder with a wealth of literature, both clinical and testimonial, that I think comes closest to matching what people familiar with fictional and popular references to “split personality”.


A common misunderstanding it’s well to avoid early involves the origin and meaning of the term schizophrenia. The literal meaning of its Greek root words are “split” and “mind”, or, more liberally, “split personality”. However, the term describes a large number of typically severe mental illnesses of which DID is not usually considered one. The “split” to which schizophrenia refers is understood to refer not to the splitting of a single mind into two parts, but the splitting of a mind from an accurate perception of reality, which is typified by hallucination and severe delusional thinking.

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i'm doing a project on split personality and i'm unable to find case studies. kindly help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(::doh::phones::clue:

I am not sure if this is a term that is used much these days.


You might like to look at the term historically starting with Freud.


Schizophrenia was often, incorrectly, called "split-personality'




Try also a search in "Google scholar" to see if that takes you anywhere.


Good Luck:)

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Curiously, I googled it and the first site that popped is a case study, fairly short though.


Becareful with what you find on the internet. Personally I don't trust Wikipedia, no disrespect intended. A great place to find what you are looking for is a Hospital Library or a Mental Health Hosipital Library or a City Public Library. Maybe google one of the above by name and your location for a contact and telephone them to inquire.



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