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Drugs and creativity

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You have no idea what you're talking about!

Just like I said.


From my perspective,

a psychedelic experience is the complete opposite of escapism.


Escapism is shooting up heroin. Trust me? Oh trust you? okay.


I wouldn't be half as good a musician I am today if I never encountered these substances.

Nor would Hendrix, or all the other great artists who saw the truth....


I invite you to come over, Mr. B,

I'll cook you a fine healthy dinner

and blow your mind with vibrations. :lol:

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Please forgive my intense passion.


You weren't meant to understand them. Sorry.


You don't seem like a very creative person, either (no offense)


Is Ibogaine legal in south africa?


That's supposedly a very powerful medicine I've never worked with.

In fact, they are using it to treat heroin addictions.

Pretty amazing, huh?


They aren't just illusions. lol. silly guy.


We're getting off the topic of creativity though.


The point is, they have the potential in some people.

Dude I've made THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MUSIC and have come up with GREAT IDEAS for music that I would have NEVER thought of without a little psilocybe cubensis, or a little san pedro tea.


How can you tell me otherwise?


That is so ridiculous.


You like burgers? Going to work?

There's your divinity.

Mine's different.



Have you ever worked with Thujone in sage or wormwood?

This is a legal substance and it enhances creativity.

Look it up!

my god ! How annoying!

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