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Drugs and creativity


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Do we have any drugs which can make people more creative? like there are drugs which can make people run faster, jump higher, hit harder -- but not as I understand enable people to live more years or better in the longer terms.



By creative I mean when you have to solve a problem in mathematics, you can take such a drug and the answer to the problem will be flashing brilliantly in your mind.


Or when you have to remove a toothbrush an overnight guest in your home tried to flush it down the toilet bowl but it got stuck in the trap below, and you can't reach it with your hand to pry it loose and extract it.


Or like Archimedes you find the simple way to get the volume of an irregularly shaped object, not while bathing in a tub but by just taking a particular drug.





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By your definition, no.


And although certain herbs such as Gotu Kola and Ginkgo Biloba are known to benefit the brain, they do not instigate creativity.


I never took drugs of the socalled prohibited kinds and also called recreational, and never took any kinds of supplements for the brain to perform better.


But in my reading which is not exhaustive I seem to have gathered that people get more intelligent in the sense of IQ capacity and performance, that is why I am asking people here who are experienced with drugs.


Who is the English author who used opium and could write good poetry, Coleridge, isn't it?


You say, "... known to benefit the brain, they do not instigate creativity"; perhaps if we can be more specific about those benefits, like maybe more attention? that is already a good reason to take drugs, provided the downsides are not worse than the benefits to be obtained.


My question is really to find out whether all those raves for drugs really amount to nothing productively useful in life, except what, feeling great or even something like an orgasm.



This thread is started for my own purpose to get information from experienced and more informed people who do use or had used drugs.




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Your question needs to be updated to account for the vast "jazziness" of the brain.


There are drugs which stimulate various emotions.

There are drugs which change concetrations of various neurotransmitters.

There are drugs which cause muscles to grow differently.




One cannot say, "I want to play jazz" and take a pill which will do it for them. The jazz comes from within. The beat, the rhythm, the harmony all come from within. Various drugs just shut out some of the noise, or amplify specific parts of it.



Last... drugs don't do anything which you cannot accomplish without them. It's ALL within you, regardless of injested/inhaled/injected substance.



Be sure to review the site policy on drug posts before going too much farther down this posting rabbit hole.

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There are some people like myself that find certain psychedelic alkaloids like mescaline, psilocybin, LSD-25, and dimethyltryptamine (ayahuasca) to stimulate creativity.


Do some research. There are LOADS of information about these illegal keys.


In the past when I have ingested one of these alkaloids in a ceremony-like fasion certain areas of my brain are unlocked and everything is crystal clear.

Ask a question, it is answered.

Close your eyes,

see the most beautiful art you've ever seen in your entire life blooming, morphing, unfolding right there before your eyes.


I've seen the most beautiful things in my mind while in nonordinary reality.

No scientist can tell me otherwise.

These are sacred substances,

despite what our dumb government says.


No I am not condoning the "use of drugs"

I'm just informing you of my enlightening experiences with these plants, fungi, and chemical. (LSD occurs in the ergot fungus. Mescaline is found in certain cacti. Psilocybin found in certain mushrooms. DMT is found INSIDE OF US, and all over the plant and animal kingdom)


Some people do not find these substances to stimulate creativity.

Some people are overloaded with so much information about themselves and the universe that they get very scared and have a "bad trip"

I consider these people weak.


Considering that DMT occurs naturally in out bodies,

I have conducted countless experiences on my body//mind//state of consciousness while sober to be able to trip naturally on our own DMT.


For instance. I believe astral travel, sleep paralysis, and "alien abductions" are all caused by indegenous DMT.


I go to sleep for four hours. Wake up. Read my dream journal. Lay back down.

Breathe deep and slow to lower my brain frequency, and after a while sleep paralysis naturally occurs.

This is when you can't control your body, but you are still awake in your mind and aware.

Keep travelling further and you will know what I'm talking about.


Look up samadhi. Nirvana.



Have fun!

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Ayahuasca - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Many people are travelling to Peru these days to partake in ayahuasca rituals.

This is an absolutely fascinating concoction.

It is protected by the peruvian goverment as a sacrament.

I urge anyone who thinks they understand psychedelics to further research ayahuasca because it's changing peoples lives for the better all around the globe.

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Last... drugs don't do anything which you cannot accomplish without them. It's ALL within you, regardless of injested/inhaled/injected substance.


I beg to differ my good man.

There are only a few ways to have a psychedelic experience without eating a mushroom or making san pedro tea etc..

1) You're a schizophrenic

2) You go into a dark cave for 5 days with no food and no light

3) You do kundalini yoga for 30 years to purify your nadhis and channel your kundalini to your crown (this is nirvana. I have talked to sadhus and babas and they can confirm this)

4) You enter sleep paralysis (which isn't very psychedelic, it's just very weird)


I've only done two of the four I listed above and they are NOWHERE near as enlightening as a psychedelic experience.


If anyone has any objections go to peru, drink ayahuasca, and see for yourself.


No offense, but if someone has never taken a psychedelic, they can not speak for them. If you think you understand them....



So this is my opinion on psychedelics. A class of alkaloids that evolved with us.


There are a couple other substances I'd like to talk about.



This chemical is found in sage, and wormwood.

It very much stimulates creativity at the right dose.

Try it for yourself.


Another is THC, found in Marijuana.

Ask any jazz musician.



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One last thing.

Yes we all have the potential to be creative.

But if you would like to enhance your connection to your mind, the universe, your bioregion, yourself, the truth, patterns, frequencies, feelings, emotion, divinity, and work on these things a hundred times faster than you could without them,


all you need is a little microscopic key that is just sitting there waiting to be metabolized.


I have found that there are a lot of people that just can't handle the intensity of altering ones consciousness. Like my own father!


THC and Thujone are much more mild. They aren't psychedelic.

In fact, Thujone isn't illegal. So you might want to start there.

Make a tincture of wormwood and sage

or buy some good absinthe!

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Jimi hendrix. Carlos Santana. Thelonious monk. (pretty much all good jazz musicians, but not all, of course) Allen ginsberg. Vincent Van Gogh. The Beatles. Bob Dylan. Bob marley. Alex gray. Alduous huxley. Cab Calloway. Pablo picasso. Salvador Dali. Pink Floyd. Jim morrison. Ralph steadman.


Just to name a few extremely creative souls who have been inspired by the psychedelic divinity. The list goes on and on forever.

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i think what infinite is saying is the psychedelics stimulate things already in you. which i agree. i think that these plants/chemicals will help bring out things deep inside you that are already there and play on them. the imagination is a hell of a thing...and some chemicals can make that thing do truly amazing things.


some may say many help you be creative, but perhaps they just help put you in a state of mind where you are more able to be creative o your own. the possibilities are endless.


i wonder what south american cultures would be without hallucinogenic plants....any culture actually, american, african, european etc...

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Although people might go into rapture about the perceived benefits of drugs (see the above posts), there's nothing to it, really.


See, your interpretation and understanding of the world works by the brain forming pathways for certain objects and associations. The more those pathways are used, the "deeper" they become (for want of a better term). In other words, if you hear a bell and are immediately fed afterwards, your eventual and very Pavlovian response to bells ringing would be to expect food.


However, taking drugs screws around with these pathways created in your brain by messing around with the sodium channels linking your neurons. What might seem like the most awesomely creative experience where totally non-related objects, instances and events are somehow brought into relation to each other, and where the doped-up mind might be impressed with this new lateral experience, is nothing else than broken connections, and with neuron synaptic pathways going astray.


Sorry Orb. It might feel like creativity. But it only "feels" like it. InfiniteNow has it spot-on, you can't do anything on drugs that you couldn't do without drugs. You're either creative or not. And when you're on drugs, your mind is a jumble, although it might not feel so at the time.


For instance, if you think of something blue, you might think of water, the sky, or something similar. On drugs, you'll think of all sorts of streams-of-consciousness crap, that might be incredibly amazing to you, being all drugged up, but it is ultimately pointless, non-productive and not of any use to anybody at all. Call it creative if you want to, the reality is that its simply a mind temporarily in shambles. But then again, that's just the scientific point of view


Tripping is escapism. Tripping is not creative. You're creative as an individual, or you're not. It's a talent. And if you don't have it, no amount of dope will help you in the least. Deal with it - and get off the chems, Orb. Dammit, man. Take responsibility for your reality for once.

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Some people were born to work.

Some people were born to give birth.

Some people were born.

Some people were born to explore the mysteries of consciousness.


Some drugs have the potential to increase your awareness of your creative potential.

These same "drugs" make some people want to have sex, or be a buddhist, or sing, or paint all over themselves, or think about "dimensions", or draw in 3D for the first time.


There really is no argument.

Either you know, or you don't.

Either they work for you, or they don't.

There is only one way to know. (Or infinite)


This forum is funny.

Whenever we bring up drugs and psychedelics,

I'm the one that rambles on and on about how enlightening they are to me,

and then most of you guys just try and come up with some scientific mumbo jumbo that makes no sense what-so-ever to someone who has explored the realms extensively.


So if you want to learn more, I would move on.

I had to ramble.

I am so passionate about these sacred substances that so many refuse to understand.

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