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Tis the season to dream of aqua adventures!


This is a video clip of a homemade craft....

this one is really nice but only for use off of another craft or a dock.. there is too much keel for bayous or sand landings I would think... it's cost? about $2400 Also, there is a side by side seater with a little bit more length. I hear folks take the seats out to makeshift some kind of berth..


this one is my choice..

and this is just an amazing adventure!

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Hey Freezy! Just to start with an unattested quote, "a boat is a hole in water that one throws money into."   That said, you guys may want to look into this guy's success pedaling a boat in an ocean:

I would have to ask my brother for the details. From memory it has to do with corrosion. I remember my brother saying they were diving down and applying the stuff underwater and thinking "wow, they

building a better single person craft!

YouTube - Inside Alinghi

What that thing needs is a couple of bullet shaped mini-hulls at each side of the platform...each just large enough to prevent each side from digging in to the surf and acting as brakes.

Of course splitting the rear foil locating half at each side at the rear and making them adjustable would provide more stability (increase lift on down side decrease lift on the up...more stability with an additional benefit of reduced drag on the side with the reduced lift).

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