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Crystal project for school, URGENT!!!!!


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What effects crystal growth and how? It needs to be answered and i can't find it anywhere. It is so hard :eek:. If you can tell me were i can get it or what the answer is. i took i of till last minute :) lol i need help! Help :hihi: Help :) Help :D Help :huh:


Temperature, pressure, concentration of dissolved elements, number & type of elements, and the rate of change in each of these parameters, to name a few factors affecting crystal growth. Let's not forget the role of water either.


How's that? :) :cup: ;)

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The exact effects depend on the specifics of the system. Here's a primer on ice crystallization into snowflakes to get you growing. >> A Snow Crystal Primer


Nice link, I love the morphology diagram!

Turtle has provided everything needed to research the topic. He is definitely onto something with the water if you look up the root (etymology) of the word. Also, his crystalline conditions hold water (intentional pun) in my book because I've done a bit of crystal studying myself. So here's an even bigger hint.


Crystal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Which crystal structure the fluid will form depends on the chemistry of the fluid, the conditions under which it is being solidified, and also on the ambient pressure. The process of forming a crystalline structure is often referred to as crystallization.
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