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Let's talk bass


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here's another clip

do you think the bass track needs to be turned down?

whenever i'm mixing in pro tools it sounds so good until i bounce it and listen to it on my mac. very tricky to mix like this.

and the synth i threw in is rough, haha

but I had to throw it in :cup:


Monk Glitch :)


I'm getting a distortion/crackling in the left channel. I think it is probably related to the synth placed there. Perhaps it's intentional, but it sounds distracting to me.

The levels sound fine to me.

I can imagine some kind of tinkly synth line up high doing the melody for this. It would most likely have to be delayed as well. 8)

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dig this clip [from a downtempo change] when you get a chance, freezy

I think I really achieved the fat blastable bass.

It doesn't sound like crap on my moniters anymore (used some really $$ plug-ins specifically designed for bass :doh:)

Would love to know your professional opinion.

This thread has so far relieved so much stress.

All night I grinded my teeth howling for fat bass! Dear God!

How do I manifest thee?!??!


These past few days have been menacing.


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