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Spot the bug in...Transformers

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I went to see the Transformers movie in Aalborg, Denmark, today and it was a pretty cool movie. Lame story but wonderful effects.


However, there's a pretty *big* mistake in it. All I'll say is that it is something someone says, and it is space-related...:turtle:


Did you see it? Did you spot the blooper?


(Oh, and I'm sure there are others, too...)

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It's the probe thing, isn't it? You organisations allways whining about credit instead of rejoicing over the...ok well fine then.


other than that, the usual supension of disbeleif cures the horrific acceleration vs flesh, and cell-phone/shortwave coordinated teleporting gunships. I mean sereiously, you thing the gunship can get there in 5 mins? shoulda been an off-shore launched missile strike and even that shoulda taken longer. WEll ok with how long it wa maby they didn't need to make it longer...

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I missed about 30 minutes of the movie because I had to take #4 to the bathroom a couple of times, and during the opening I was telling my friend a story about a strip bar in Mexico... :phones:;) The only thing that caught my eye was the scene where Bumble-bee had taken the guy and girl to go make out and she was walking away, the passenger side door was open and then closed when the frame shifted. Probably not what you were getting at.



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