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Anyone have any idea where to download a decent free .avi to .mp4 converter?


I suppose most of them use the same algorithms for conversion, but almost all of them I get for free downloads only convert the first couple'o minutes of the .avi and then tells you to pay up before the rest goes through.


Any good freeware out there? I got a few good converters for free, like .wma to .mp3 etc., so there should be some out there...

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FFmpeg does a good job and it's open source, to boot! I use the Mac OS X version -- FFmpegX, but there exist lots of Windows projects. I imagine most are free and do an excellent job. :D


EDIT: I read my own link and realised that the aforementioned SUPER is based on FFmpeg. Here's a link! I can't vouch for its quality, but it should work fine and the other guy seems to like it. ;)

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The MicroSoft Windows Media Encoder. I have been using it for years to convert my uncompressed AVI fractal animations into MP4 for posting on my web site.


The file size reduction is incredible, and the hit in resolution is not that much - rather impressive actually.


Very easy to use. Free also - no tricks.


Occasionally MS does something cool.


check here:


Windows Media Encoder




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