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I published a book last year, and I've also written two "papers" -- all having to do with various aspects of understanding morality from the scientific and philosophical standpoints. The papers are combination science-philosophy papers. They are currently posted on the web, at my own website, but I'd like reaction, commentary, and critique by people familiar with the subject, especially philosophers. The two papers are finished and are in PDF files, easily navigable. How and where should I seek commentary and critique on these? How do I post them here, within Hypography? Does the Hypography community include philosophers with expertise in moral philosophy, who would be interested in reading these papers? I'm interested in your thoughts and suggestions. (Because they already exist on my website, and my website does not compete with Hypography -- i.e., it's not a blogging or community site and only relates to the specific subject of morality -- I could just start threads in the philosophy section and in the appropriate social science section and simply ask anyone who is interested to go to my site to read the papers, then to provide any comments back to the thread, if that is within the Hypography rules? In other words, I would be asking people -- any who are seriously interested -- to read something outside of the forums and then to provide their questions, comments, or critique into the appropriate thread.):bloom:

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If you want critique of something written on other sites, I recommend posting a synopsis or at least your introduction, and then link to the full article. It is also wise to be helpful to our members, ie tell them what exactly you want feedback/comments on etc.


We have a lot of people here who are interested in philosophy (it is one of our most popular forums) so you might find that people are very interested.


There is nothing in our rules against this - in fact, we encourage people posting their own works or links to it, as long as there is no commercial interest.

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The most important thing to understand is that Hypography is all about *discussion*. Its not a place to simply "post papers" so people will read them (although we are looking at doing something more like this in the future). So the proper way to proceed is to open a thread that gives a brief overview of your paper, *pose some questions* about the issue, and then post a link to it for people to go read the whole thing.


If it is short enough (a page or so) then we're experimenting so its okay to post it all, but be forewarned, in general, really long posts do *not* get read unless they are *extremely* interesting.


As long as you're inviting *specific* feedback--or *much* better, opening a discussion on a key topic, then you're well within what will be welcomed here.


Thank you very much for contributing! We're nothing without our members!


Have fun!


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