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What's this in my Yard?


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That's it! The tone is definitely lower here, but woodpecker makes sense having seen them around my yard.

In fact, I heard the call today, just a few minutes ago, while BBQ'ing. I'm back out to the BBQ, but I'll keep my eye out for a woodpecker and try to snap a shot for extra confirmation. :)


Whew! The first time I listened to the clip, I was like "what bird?" You did warn me it was a rough audio. Glad to be able to return an ID to you, after all the IDing you've done for me!

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well closer than an ant :doh:


i will give you a hint, it is an orb weaver of sorts, yes. One can get delight not from throwing grasshoppers in the web, but rather birds :cup: their webs can stretch 4+ meters wide, and are not circular (smaller at the top and "droops" down).


another shot :eek:


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could be, not sure how many common name as are about for these, here they go by "banana spider". You have a close relative there in GA, just as large i think.


this one is Nephila pilipes. the Australian members may know these guys.



We have spiders that are similar, found in the southern parts of the state, that 'we' call banana spiders as well. I've been through thickets of them. It's like practicing Tai-Chi, on a Jackie Chan level, just to make your way through them. (like moving Twister)


I like all arachnids.

Except for ticks...which can suck my ****! (on second thought, I take that back)

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