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Two Questions

Guest chendoh

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Guest chendoh

I wanted to upload an animated avitar, and was denied.

Would this be because, I don't have enough posts; threads, or rep?


In the Astromony and Cosmology Forum, my thread box (Optical Perspective?) is colored a lite green. Another is a medium blue. Why is that?

What do the different colors mean? Are there other colors?


I have searched for over 45", but could find nothing in search, or FAQlRules



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About your first question I don't know, but as soon another admin/mod sees it they will tell you.


The thread box is colored green because you are subscribed to that thread. Blue is neutral. There is also red but if you have no mod rights you'll never encounter it, it shows deleted threads. If you put your cursor over the the small square on the right of that box it tells you what I have just told you.

Also if I remember the titele of thread is bold then there are new posts.

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Guest chendoh

Okay here goes, but I need to go and regenerate.

My Timpanomastodectomy is raising heck, and I have to get off.


It is an animated gif of Fibonachi...the golden angle

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