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Scientific Study: Music Makes You Smart

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I don't think anyone in his or her right mind--scientist, musician, or enthusiast--recommends listening to so much music that it causes deafness.


This reminds me of one of my favorite computer games which actually had an in-game message that reminded players to eat so they could avoid starvation and death. The logic is similar, I think.

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Please Elaborate?


The structure behind music. The beat. It's all about counting. It's all about algorithms.


You can construct fractals with music. Listen to philip glass!


Or, you can play a simple equation in 4/4.


Or maybe 7/8


1234 123 1234 123 1234 123 1234 123 1234 123 1234 123 1234 123 1234 123


Then all of the algorithms behind the melodys, and the instruments, and their rhythm, their dynamics.


Music is mathematics + soul.

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See I never knew what Algorithms are, but you can't actually count, and it would ruin a song to try counting beats etc. So the logic behind that is flawed to a certain degree. Music might be math in audible form but not recognisely apparent when listening, or bothering to listen, still doesn't make sense how you can learn from it.

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See, that's your opinion.


I love counting. I love it like sex. Music turns me on and drives me wild and it fuels my inner most passion.


Once you understand you can't help but want to dive further.


I love complex music that my brain can barely comprehend, it's a real mind f***


And also, I listen to music almost all day except night time when I meditate and I can constantly conduct music of all genres in my mind.


Any instrument, any voice, any time.

I've trained my brain to be a music conversion system.

All human brains are, I'm just a specialist.

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Music might be math in audible form but not recognisely apparent when listening, or bothering to listen


My roomate is a jazz musician (upright bass) and as such has trained for years in music. He is able to call out tonal intervals as they occur. To him, and others like him, it is very much about counting and thinking about the tones being played in terms of intervals. It is very obvious to him upon listening.

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The title is also flawed: Music doesn't make you smart, actions after listening make you smart not the actual music.


On a very basic level, you have to consider the implications of music on forming nueral pathways.

I know for a fact :), that listening to Crazy Frog doesn't improve my mood nor my intelligence after or before listening to that damned frog. :)


You're listening to the wrong music. ;)

Of course Mozart is going to be better for the mind than Brittany Spears or Crazy Frog.


Researchers at the University of California at Irvine discovered that people who listened to ten minutes of Mozart before taking an intelligence test scored higher than people who listened to ten minutes of relaxation instructions or who, for ten minutes, sat in silence.

Mozart for Your Mind

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I don't know that frog song, but I bet it sucks.


Some music really messes with our whole bodies.

It's all subjective to the observer.

If you are unaware of philip glass fractals well that sucks for you IMO 'cause I just love complex aural insanity.


It's like music itself was like


"hey, come here"


so I came and then it showed me it's insides. Fascinated every time.


"Remember the flowers I sent? I need you babe. To put thru the shredder in front of my friends oOOOHHH BAYYY!! Don't leave me now . . How could you go? When you know how I need you? To be torn apart on a Saturday night ohhHHHHH BAYYYYY!!!!! Don't leave me now . . How can you treat me this way? Running away?"


Pink floyd's playing outa my walls right now, absolutely hilarious.

When I listen to floyd, I get so emotional. It's like I'm watching a movie of my own psyche when I listen to music. You know?

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egotistical as always, orb ;) . but, you have a point.


being a musician, i like this article :lol: ;)




I've identified my soul purpose as conducting, converting, and transcending sonic vibrations.


Aristotle: "If the eye was an individual organism, it's Soul would essentially be sight."


I'm just well aware of what I'm capable of in my mind. I live there. It's my home. :) :)

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