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Extended essay...I NEED HELP!!!


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A friend of mine is doing her extended essayand needs to find some relevant, the question is "Do you agree with the view that Britain governed Ireland badly between 1900 to 1921?"


We're looking for valid sources that are quoted exactly as said or written ('cos if you don't we won't get any marks, and wouldn't that completely suck?) so please, if you know of any please hand 'em over and as a reward i'll gie you cookies!:D


Any info you have on the topic is also welcome as long as it's accurate (no making things up :shrug: or no cookies!)


Thanks, Llanea and Scoobie-Doo :cheer:

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Any time a foreign nation occupies another's country their rule can never be a good thing. The British Empire had a definite evil side to it, prejudice and discrimination, with regard to those they conquered.


Here are several links to this period of Anglo-Irish history.


BBC - h2g2 - The Anglo-Irish Question, Part 3: 1900 - 1921

The Great War: Irish independence - Helium

Women in the Irish nationalist movement 1900-1916 | Workers' Liberty

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