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LaTeX bug?


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Beginning the contents of a [math] element with "=" seems to have something to do with this "no query string" message. I moved the "="s to the ends of the previous contents, and it renders OK. If I knew a "\keyword" equivalent of "=", I suspect that would work as well.


The mystery, to me, is why it rendered OK on 1/30, but not now, and if there're other misrendered LaTeXs elsewhere? And what is the “query string” the error message mentions? :shrug:

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If you check the image properties of those that render, you will note that the images address will read cgi-bin/mimetex.cgi?latex-equation-string. However for that particular query, it shows up as null, no "latex-equation-string". That is why I brought up the possibility that it is being ended prematurely.

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