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What are you listening to right now?

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Song number 7 is the reason for my avatar name

take it easy! 

hey sanctus I think you are lovely one :) :)



be sure ,if you decide to make friendship with me, the first and basis requirement is to be very very careful  for your entertainment :)

because  of why this is the most important thing that I care and would it,you will  also have to want it  :) hi hi :)

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:singer: I blame it on my a.d.d. baby... SAIL :singer:   cant help but turning this one up and belting the lyrics out every time I hear it     ~modest

right, so he's like Tony Royster Jr. back in his day, just not on drums   im sure you've seen him before   actually found some interesting solos:   YouTube - Akio Shimizu - Young Guitar DVD http://www

YouTube- Queen - I want to break free http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hMrY8jysdg&feature=related YouTube- Under Pressure (911) Queen Bowie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-S_2__s4qVY&feature=re

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I am listening to "River Monsters" on Animal Planet while I play on the compooter.  Nothing worth watching on the cartoon channels.  I could try playing around with the Roku  or just flip to one of the 80 or so music channels. Flipping through  the channel guide right now during the commercial break.    Hot diggity, Hee Haw is playing on the RFDTV channel right now.  BTW, I have Direct TV, so I get something like 450 non-premium channels (something like 1000 channels available off of this satellite) but I only have about 108 programmed in.  I usually watch BBCA, History, Cartoon Network (east and west), Nickelodeon (east and west), Animal Planet, National Geographic and not much else.  When the wife is home she takes over the remote while I get back on the computer.  She usually watches Lifetime, QVC, HSN, the local Gospel Channel (WGGS), Game Show Network, E! Entertainment, WE, and the local news networks.  I am so glad she finally got over her soap opera addiction (Soap Network).  The plot lines were so pedantic and predictable, and I would often tell her what was going to happen next to her amazement while I was barely paying attention on the computer.  I think her two shows were the "Young and the Restless" and "One Life to Live".   That channel is now programmed out.

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...and I just got off the phone with the motheroid.  I am apparently taking my dad for a colonoscopy early tomorrow morning, so I am up at 7:30 am, assuming I am not already awake by then (assuming I actually get any sleep)(the new meds have kept me awake for about 40 hours or so)(off the Gabapentin, which I had an allergic reaction to, so I am back to Lyrica).  What was the topic again???

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and a random playlist of other stuff by the Eels.


Until just an hour ago, I didn’t realize that the main singer and songwriter for this moderately well-known (they’ve had a song or two on most of the Shrek movies) if not well-understood band is the son of Hugh Everett’s, the physicist who arguably invented the many-world interpretation of quantum mechanics, even though this is not great secret – there was a documentary on their connection Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives, in 2007.


My wife and I have been listening to a lot of varied stuff in the last 24 hrs, because I gave her an Amazon Echo for Xmass. This wonderful gadget will play (via a pretty decent compact speaker system) practically any song you can describe.

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