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Found 4 results

  1. A Quantum Mechanical Interpretation of the Consequences of Special Relativity Einstein's theory of Special Relativity Einstein's theory of Special Relativity predicts that for objects travelling at a significant fraction of the speed of light time dilates. Experimental observations are in agreement with the predictions. For example ordinarily short lived particles such as Muons when at rest are observed by a stationary observer to exist for significantly longer periods when travelling at speeds approaching the speed of light. Mathematically Speed = Distance/Time A
  2. This problem was originally embedded deep within another topic, and only one person attemped to answer it. That attempt failed to address the issues. Circular reasoning was the approach used, which is not acceptable in Physics. THE DILATION OF TIME CONUNDRUM Two unmoving spaceships: A & B are the same distance from an observation point C. The observer at point C sends a signal in both directions which will reach A & B after the same amount of time. This signal thus starts both spaceships moving simultaneously. Both spaceships accelerate identically and reach the same high velocity on
  3. Hello, I have constructed another theory and stems from Einsteins curvature ideas. But instead of gravitation it is the strong force. Like a super gravitation. Also I attempted to define a quantum gravitation that works off of the same mechanism. And I have described the fine-structure using the theory's equations which might suggest how the elementary charge and mass of the wavelength are connected. I believe these equations may unify the forces. Here is the pdf file: Removed file. Thanks, Devin
  4. As many contributors here seem to be maths experts, who therefore find the explanations of Physics a difficult to grasp subject, I thought it was necessary to explain in especially simple terms, one of the many reasons why Einsteins Special Relativity hypothesis is hopelessly incorrect. Einstein fails to define the speed of light, calling it a constant, but fails to state unequivocally what that velocity is relative to. If I say my car is going 100, then its taken for granted that the speed is 100 relative to the ground. A statement of velocity or speed MUST have a reference from which th
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