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Found 4 results

  1. Picture this. Earth is forming. gasses and heat are busy making our oceans and a crust is forming where gravity is at its least resistance, forming one giant land mass. Call this land Gondwana, Pangaea or whatever you like. The point is it was all connected at one point and creatures could roam as they pleased. A meteor ruins it for everyone, spinning the planets crust in all logical directions. this rips the earth apart quickly, creating the pacific ocean floor and tectonic plates in the process. Such an impact and force causes the land to behave in a liquid like manor. The ocean floors
  2. Hello! I would like to present you the only correct model of gravity and energy distribution in relative motion. I've spent around 6 weeks and wasted some 8 pages format a5 on calculations, while looking for the right formula - it took me so long, because I did such things for the first time in some 20 years or so and also, this was that part of physics, which as far as I remeber, I've always hated at most... I wonder, what then can explain all those generations of professional physicsts, who didn't even think about trying to calculate such things... If you really want to show me, that theoret
  3. Abstract - Representing the Universe in a way that is accurate and true to life, simplistic propositions that are self evidently true that will show us the truth and honesty of various physical phenomenon of the Universe, in which the basis of logical process and rational thought will show the justification of the axiom propositions to be true. Part 1 - The Theory of realistic. Introduction, explanation of an axiom Defining various definition Defining Theory and Hypothesis The meaning of maths and maths use The meaning of limitation The meaning and value of Geometrics Exami
  4. Model - Connection Soul = Server Body = Computer God or Life = Internet Memory - All our memories are hosted on our server, the soul, for it use a connection that unite us to a network, the Internet, all this data traffic is processed by our computer, the body. The body alone can not bear to store all our memories, so there is a natural need to upload the entire contents to the server, so we can access these data when necessary. Forgetting is linked directly to the deterioration of our memory (ability to acquire, store, and retrieve memories), taking into account that our server has unlimit
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