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Found 4 results

  1. What could be the "Greenhouse Effect" and what the unfortunate man discovered it (he was not given any reward for that discovery, and everyone "used" it), I was very interested in that? While surfing the internet, I discovered that the author of this "discovery" is not known (probably some "professor of physics"), but that "The Theory" reads as follows: If we have two "black bodies", one at 25°C and the other at -25°C, then the warm body will heat the cold body with radiation, and the cold body will then return its heat to the warm body by its radiation, warm it up a little more. And so in
  2. As we all know from chemistry, as the temperature decreases, the volume of a gas decreases. But what if not only gases ? I consider the Temperature as being the 4th dimension, because it affects space as well as time. The more you get near 0 K (Kelvin), the slower your time. at 0 K, in my theory, you would be frozen in time, literally and figuratively. i backed it up with some formulas if anyone is interested let me know!
  3. Classical #physics predicts weight (W) should NOT change at increasing temperature (T) in vacuum. Relativistic #physics predicts W should INCREASE at increasing T in vacuum. My theory predicts W should DECREASE at increasing T in vacuum and can be found here yaniv-stern.webnode.com. W reduction at increasing T in vacuum disproves conservation of mass and most of the rest of #physics. Over the past ten years I contacted thousands of scientists to weigh a heated metal in vacuum and publish the results. I did Not get the results of the experiment. #ResultsRequired
  4. This one was put to me by a colleague who used to be a high energy particle physicist (he's now a biophyicist). He doesn't have the answer and neither do I. 1 - I'm sitting in a room that is 80oF; 2 - the outside air temperature is 70oF; 3 - I want to cool the room; 4 - I put a fan in the window and turn it on; 5 - the airflow is directed into the room; 6 - the fan starts blowing 70oF air into the room. Simple enough. However, remember that temperature is actually a measure of molecule motion. The air being blown into the room by the fan is moving much much faster than the air outside t
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