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Found 4 results

  1. When I oslve problems in Kinematics I face difficulty of derivations but theory and formulas seems to be easier. When i solve problem it appears difficult.
  2. Hi, I am doing a review for a Dynamics exam, but I am having trouble with this one question (below). Please note the top of the picture contains the answers. What I have done is make a free body diagram that includes the tension of the cable and the weight of the rider/swing. So according to my calculations for part i: T= mg cos (30) = 680N The tangential acceleration is 0 Which according to the provided solutions is incorrect. Am I missing a force? I figured the tension is integral to finding the velocity of the rider. So I want to get my tension right before I proceed with finding the
  3. (This video has Subtitles) In this video i try to make an approachable explanation of what is sound. Because is something so fundamental in our lifes, deserves to be understanded in physical terms but don't worry, this is a simplified version. First is explained how sound is a vibration and a wave, then is approached a very important property of sound, Frequency.I also talk about the speed of sound and how it changes with the medium in wich it propagates.In the end i mention some cool applications of sound like breaking glasses, visualizing sound and levitating small objects.
  4. So here is my hypothesis on counteracting the g forces on a person in a moving spacecraft. A person is in a gyroscope like structure. The gryoscope would spin on a horizontal axis and the person in turn would spin backwards or forwards. In this manner, the G force direction will constantly spin around as the person spins.
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