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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone! I'm new to the forums. I had this thought, which keeps bugging me: "If absolutely nothing existed, reality wouldn't exist either. Therefore, absolute nothingness cannot be real. And thus, something has to exist." Thoughts? Can it stand as a logical statement?
  2. Spatial and Temporal are being applied to virtual quantum waves to generate a hologram we claim is physical/real. Is spacetime (spatial and temporal) the definition of our reality? Anything with less mass energy than a virus is not automatically included in our reality. Mass energy lower can be a wave packet that uses spacetime via decoherence. Anything that isn’t using spacetime isn’t real. Coherent/plane waves do not use spacetime. Matter without a Higgs boson is not able to wave collapse to a physical particle ..only wave packet. Dark matter doesn’t have a Higgs boson but can influence t
  3. Hey, my name (at least on this forum) is Panther. I see a lot of "full dive" discussion here (I mean, it is the full dive section) and I wanted to share some of my ideas in an organized format that you can add to. I'm going to be assembling a group of my really smart friends (I'm smart too) to help with this, but you can also help out if you have skype, are qualified, and can collaborate. You can be anything from an ambitious SAO watcher to a neurosurgeon to be "qualified." Anyways, let's start on the organized ideas. The Goal Ok, so the goal in the end will include: -Sight -Audio -Speech -
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