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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I’ve had a fear of phone radiation for a while now, the scientific community has been very helpful in helping me understand results of studies. That being said, I need someone to please look through this and tell me what you think: (The theory is that these results are signs of Oxidative Stress which can cause cancer) Study 1: Background Nowadays mobile phone is very popular, causing concern about the effect it has on people’s health. Parotid salivary glands are in close contact to cell phone while talking with the phone and the possibility of being affected by them. Limited st
  2. I'm going to do a wrap-up now of my theory and what my investigations of cosmology have led me to believe. It's also going to be my last post on cosmology and my ideas. Based on all the current models of significance in the theoretical world, I have came to some final conclusions about the universe at large. 1). To follow the intrinsic rules of spatial symmetries, the universe is part of the full Poincare Group leading to a primordial universal rotation. 2) The rotation naturally leads to an intrinsic torsion field. 3) It also leads to an intrinsic centrifugal force field whic
  3. So everything has energy right? So why cant we harness the energy from radiation? Machines that use radiation could be powered by background radiation! Tell me what you think.
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