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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, my name is TheSandhillCraft, and I had taken Earth Science classes at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion. At that time, what I had learned in those classes had inspired me to create an alternate Earth, with geographic and geological features different from Earth's but still inspired by them. The problem I have is that I know only the Cause--i.e. the changing of the geography--and not the Effect (how the changes in geography influence landscape, climate and weather). I have the whole description written down, but before I show you the description, if it is not too much trouble,
  2. Why? Pi/C ( or some call V ) = 1.0? I can't remember why I typed that into my calculator, and google was no help. Is there anything interesting or can be said involving this? or is it just random?
  3. Hi all! I'm new here, a 33-year old dude suddenly fascinated by science in general. I've got a question about the famous double slit experiment. For clarity I included three pictures. 1: Basis setup where detector eliminates wave function. 2: Hypothetical, controversial, theoretical "measuring area" of detector visualised. 3: Different, hypothetical setup. Had this ever been done? Turn the detector the other way and measure behind the slits, at the receiving wall? My main question is about different setups of this experiment. Did people ever try moving the detector around? Out of reach
  4. Ok, so I've been wondering for a while about this. LGBT has been a big thing, but the one thing that is interesting is Transgender people. People would go through having hormone changes and Gender Reassignment Surgery that can change a Male to Female, and vice versa. The one thing though, is that these surgeries can only modify the Male or Female Reproductive parts (except for the ovaries or testicles) to resemble those of the opposite sex. Now I've been thinking, since Scientists are already working on creating body parts with 3d printers, then couldn't they create Male and Female Reproduc
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