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Found 3 results

  1. A Quantum Mechanical Interpretation of the Consequences of Special Relativity Einstein's theory of Special Relativity Einstein's theory of Special Relativity predicts that for objects travelling at a significant fraction of the speed of light time dilates. Experimental observations are in agreement with the predictions. For example ordinarily short lived particles such as Muons when at rest are observed by a stationary observer to exist for significantly longer periods when travelling at speeds approaching the speed of light. Mathematically Speed = Distance/Time A
  2. In 1861, James Clerk-Maxwell published Part II of his four-part series 'On physical lines of force'. In it, he attempted to construct a vortex model of the magnetic field but after much effort neither he, nor other late nineteenth century physicists who followed him, managed to produce a workable theory. What survived from these attempts were Maxwell's four equations of electrodynamics together with the Lorentz force law, formulae that made no attempt to describe an underlying reality but stood only as a mathematical description of the observed phenomena. When the quantum of action was introdu
  3. this is a video on Quantum Mechanics that aims to familiarize people with general interests in physics, with some of the main ideas in quantum mechanics. can I get feedbacks on it, I don't have any subscribers at all, and I'd like feedbacks to know how the video could be evaluated. So that's why I decided to share it here. I want to know whether the way I discussed the topic made sense and whether it was interesting or not, Because I made my own research about it and there hasn't been an instructor along the way, so I wasn't only wondering whether people will understand me properly, I was al
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