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Found 8 results

  1. THREE METHODS OF CONTROL AND THREE RULING CLASSES The society of humans is based actually on methods of controlling people. There are three principal methods: 1. Brutal violence or the threat of violence. 2. Material interest, and the threat of poverty, including hunger. 3. Suggestion, including preaching and conscience. Three methods of control mentioned above produced three ruling classes. 1. Control due to violence is the profession of bureaucracy, including army, police, law courts, etc. 2. Control due to material interest is the profession of reach people. 3. Control due to sug
  2. Everything relies on mathematics . From your descion making/emotions ( complex chemical reaction in your brain) to black holes. Everything can be calculated/predicted. Although we don't have the technology to do such complex problems, we will have it in a distant future. Mathematics forms the basis of everything. Like maths, which is a fundamental explanation to everything ( for now), is there anything other than it that can form a base to explain everything in universe and is it possible to make some theory like it? Is there anything that doesn't depend on mathematics ? University students/
  3. What are it's effects upon people's mental health? Does it lead to happiness, mental illness, or anything of the sort? I'm honestly curious about how different things such as money and wealth. Are there any good studies that show how does wealth affect person's wellbeing?
  4. World revolution: no nations, no jobs, no television?, no skyscrapers, no businesses, no militaries, no housing markets, no or very little transport, no or very little infrastructure, no political parties, no status whatsoever.. Can all of this be caused by just a single can of Coke, or perhaps a single bag of potatoes or sausages? Obviously this would be astounding if true, but is it actually possible?
  5. Notwithstanding biology and psychological needs, could someone remain in the same spot for 10 years - a spot of ground no greater than three metres long in every direction?
  6. Thoughts are needed, for a life form to appreciate outer space, but thoughts also mean history itself - they mean repetition, and violence and identity. What is the resolution?
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