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Found 19 results

  1. The formerly top-secret document that is the basis of this thread is viewable at the link below. What you just may need to know when interpreting current events. From this May 23, 2017 piece that is relevant to the bleeping "witch hunt" that is being conducted (special prosecutor) in US politics that might result in the wrong people being ... we shall see. One such thing is the impeachment of a US President.
  2. Can all days get their own Wikipedia or encyclopaedia page? Days are made up of thoughts, routine activities, internet discussions and internet browsing, business meetings, university lectures, watching television, cooking food, reading books, travelling to and fro, shopping, working, heated arguments, police investigations, political scandals, news coverage, parties, revisiting old memories, looking at the night sky, making scientific discoveries etc.. What if all of this was accounted for on Wikipedia - for every day of every year?
  3. Whether it's Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling or Nicole Kidman, tonight's Oscar winners could alternatively say that people who don't want Mondays to exist should refuse to talk about science and the universe. Do you think any of these actors should say these things, or do you think they would?
  4. Between now and 2020, would CNN be able to not cover any aspect of Trump's presidency - i.e. never reference the day to day, week to week and month to month events of the administration?
  5. Is it something that could happen: all of the UK being stood in front of a derelict house in the state of North Carolina?
  6. World revolution: no nations, no jobs, no television?, no skyscrapers, no businesses, no militaries, no housing markets, no or very little transport, no or very little infrastructure, no political parties, no status whatsoever.. Can all of this be caused by just a single can of Coke, or perhaps a single bag of potatoes or sausages? Obviously this would be astounding if true, but is it actually possible?
  7. Are molecules in any way because of senate hearings? Take Capitol Hill, or Rotes Rathaus, and maybe it's possible that either's political activity creates the ability of sodium chloride. What do you think?
  8. Could this lead to a WW3, especially Trump got elected and he declared that he will bomb all Muslims and will Iran take his statement seriously to attack first??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQkx7_Ar8qA There are signs that Iran may be working toward an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) strike on the United States.“Once Iran has a nuclear weapon, they are ready to launch an EMP attack against us,” former CIA director James Woolsey told For the Record. "I think they have conducted launches of satellites of the type that you, and in the direction you would want for an EMP attack."In addition to t
  9. Is American conservatism wrong on the basis that despite needing replication, it also has to oppose it?
  10. Will the United States likely be a fascist state by 2020?
  11. Why do people have histories, when before any history someone can take the piss?
  12. Is it wrong, that people who don't live in the US are expected to know about the US presidential election?
  13. Thoughts are needed, for a life form to appreciate outer space, but thoughts also mean history itself - they mean repetition, and violence and identity. What is the resolution?
  14. Are forces like gravity, electricity, atomic physics and motion the values of the political right?
  15. Here is the link to the page. I'm going to have it up for a little while. Maybe a few days as long as my computer doesn't slow down too much. I need testers for this. This is the first version of it, and it's not pretty but hopefully it does what it's supposed to do. So please, go to that link and enter some information into the text area and hit submit. Let's see what ends up happening. The goal is to get enough information from every zip code entered into the system so I can send it along to the politicians who are in office or running for office. I think that they would like to see what t
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