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Found 3 results

  1. Here's a view of quantum mechanics that I've been thinking about a bit in the past. I think it's easily powerful enough to be useful for others too. And to be honest, if you start viewing things through this interpretation, it can become a "bit" frustrating to see people over-complicate QM for themselves, and make it all seem more mysterious than it needs to be. I have never heard anyone use this type of interpretation, so I presume it is somewhat novel approach - despite being so incredibly simple, and almost "too obvious to miss". And yes, I understand the gravity of the claim of solvin
  2. Forgive me if my reasoning is based on flawed logic and information. I am no physics expert. As I understand it when light strikes an object the energy of the photons is absorbed by the atoms that make up the object. An atom's electrons can only orbit its nucleus at one level or another, nothing in between. When the atom absorbs the photon, the electrons jump up another level before going back down again. When this happens a new photon is emitted by the atom, it's energy dictated by the level the electron fell. Once this photon enters the eye we perceive it as a color prepending on how much e
  3. New thought experiment (although this one can be done in a lab) Photons exert radiation pressure. In fact, the effects of radiation pressure need to be accounted for in some ultrasensitive measuring devices. They also make "solar sail" propulsion possible. Consider building a two boxes. One of these has a reflective surface on the inner side with 99.9% reflective efficiency. The other has an inner reflective surface of 100% efficiency. In the latter instance we truly have a "black box" since any light entering the box is continuously reflected on the inside of the box. Put a standar
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