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Found 6 results

  1. The State of Palestine was founded in 1993. Just Israel, not Arabs, laid the foundation of the Palestinian state, after Oslo agreements. By trying to annihilate Israel, the Palestinians undermined the peace process, so thwarting the creation of their own state. The pathetic position of the Palestinian Cause is due to Palestinian aggressiveness, but much more due to support from the «friends of Palestine», anti-Semites, that incite Palestinians to seek genocide of the Jews. American Democratic presidential hopeful candidate that proposes «to punish» Israel, revives Palestinian hope for the
  2. Arabs, and Palestinians, are our neighbors. I hope, we will repel all anti-Semitic attacks, so they will remain our neighbors, forever. We must defend our security and our legal rights in this land, just to achieve peace. As we learned, retreat provokes an anti-Semitic attack of both Palestinians and anti-Semites. The destruction of Jewish settlements of Gaza gave support to HAMAS and made anti-Semites more aggressive, all over the World. To achieve peace, we must stay firmly on equal rights for the Jews. The Palestinians seek not peace but the destruction of Israel, with the help of anti-Semi
  3. In the course of last 30 years there were few attempts of Israeli-Palestinian solution and one not so realistic proposal that failed. For example, Shamir government tried Jordan-Palestinian option (1990), then Rabin and Peres signed and tried to perform Oslo accords, then Ehud Barak tried to appease Palestinians with the help of Bill Clinton, then Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni performed one-sided «disengagement» from Gaza and tried to appease Palestinians with the help of George Bush, then John Kerry tried to get both sides to compromise. The Palestinians eat Israeli concession
  4. THE JEWISH STATE If Herzl managed to implement his idea of Jewish colonization of Uganda, then the Jewish state, most likely, would not exist at all. Simply because the peoples that inhabit Uganda are quite numerous, and the way to Uganda is long. I do not think that Jews, settled in Uganda, would arrange an apartheid regime, similar to the South African one. The state In Uganda would be bi-national at best, and there we would be guaranteed the fate of foreign aliens and the national minority. The Zionists, who opposed Herzl’s idea of colonizing Uganda, were prudent. And even if the Je
  5. Unfortunately, antisemitism pursues Me along all My life. I had no Grandfathers, Grandmothers, uncles, aunts etc, since they perished in the Holocaust. Starting from kindergarten, I heard how I’m bad, despite of, sincerely, I had no bad intentions. The open discrimination in the school, high school and work was instant. Many Jews I knew hided their ethnicity, changed Jewish names to «neutral». Sometimes, I discovered people’s Jewishness in the course of funeral or other occasion. However, in the course of My last years in the USSR I felt solidarity from My intelligent co-workers. My views a
  6. PEACE NOW (Taken from «United with Israel» mail): “Palestinian leader Abbas did not demand that Hamas cease to seek Israel’s destruction, as a previous report had claimed. The Palestinian Authority (PA) has refuted a report citing an alleged demand by PA head Mahmoud Abbas that members of the Hamas terror group must recognize Israel if they want to be included in the cabinet of a unity government. Haaretz reported Monday that Abbas made the statement during a meeting with 12 former Israeli lawmakers at the PA headquarters in Ramallah. In response to the report, Abbas’s office said, “The presid
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